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Linda Swanson
Warrenton, VA

Bio: It is my privilege to work as an ADD/ADHD Coach with adults, young adults, and college/high school students who have ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed) or who live with someone who has ADHD. Individuals with ADHD often face great challenges. Sometimes those challenges have overshadowed the amazing gifts each individual possesses. As we talk together, we uncover the creativity, enthusiasm, and energy that may have been previously unacknowledged. We explore the values that guide and support the client. We look for strengths that the client has already demonstrated and find ways to apply those strengths in other contexts. We discover tools and strategies that support the client's forward movement in a way that uniquely fits each client. In those and other ways, we move forward in a coaching partnership that enriches both our lives! My husband, Neil, and I established Free to Be Coaching in 2011. Neil was diagnosed with ADHD in 2002, and I, though undiagnosed, became aware of my own ADHD traits in 2013. We know first hand the challenges of living with ADHD or with someone who has ADHD, since we have been married many years. Through our intensive training in ADHD coaching, we have learned ways to help clients make positive choices based on knowledge of themselves and ADHD and to create the rich and full lives they want to live.

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